2017, Feature Film, Will, A PERFECT PLAN, Alex Vernon

2016, Short Film, man, HOLE IN THE WALL, Made Better Media, Rue Barrett

2016, Stage, Ridley, RIDLEY’S PROSPECTS, Naughty Little Geezer, Owen Ridley

2015, Stage, Andy, BARBARA CARTLAND – IN THE PINK, Leaping Hare Productions, David Norton

2015, Stage, Henry V, Falstaff, Polonius, Romeo, BARD OF HOPE AND GLORY, Double Aces Theatre, Andrew Cleaver

2014, Short Film, Colin, THE EYES, Della Anderson

2014, Short Film, Martin, THE LAST WILL, Joyce Sun

2014, Stage, Tom, ABOUT A HEIST, Second Impression Theatre, David Weedle


2014 James
Film (Short) Out of the woods
Fiona Challen Brighton film school

2014 Tom
Theatre About a Heist
David Weedall Second Impression theatre

2013 Pete
Theatre In your dreams
David Weedall Second Impression Theatre
The lectern

2012 Henry Curtis-Hollingsworth
Theatre The Vally of Shadows
Jack Shepard, The Players collective

2011 Spartan
Theatre Lysistrata
Victoria Thompson The players collective
all saint centre, lewes

2011 Danny Short
Theatre the Spy and the Femme Fatal
David Weedle Second Impression Theatre,
the Excetera Theatre, Camden

2011 Joe Deakin
Theatre Against the Tide
Jack Shepard, The Players collective

2011 Karl Brun
Radio The Telsa Frequencies
Paul Dutnall buckingfuddy

2010 – 2011 bobby doughnuts
Radio currently off air
Paul Dutnall buckingfuddy

2010 Ian Hubbard
Theatre A Chorus of Disapproval
Sandy truman, Ace theatre, Chequer Mead Theatre

2010 Geoff
Theatre A Taste Of honey
Neil Sheppack Lewes Live

2010 James vain
Theatre The picture of Dorian grey
Neil Sheppack Lewes Live

2010 Malone Carter
Film (Short) Paradise
Joss Cubitt Paradise

2010 Jogger
Film (Short) And the birds fell from the Sky
Simon Wilkinson il pixorosso

2010 herman
Film (Short) junk tv
Paul Dutnal junk tv

Theatre (Tour) bite-size
Nick Brice white room theatre
Old Fire Station Oxford
2009 multiple roles

Theatre Big Bitesize Breakfast/Lunch
Nick Brice White Room Theatre

2008 – 2009 Edward Strauss
Film (Short) The Flop House
Simon Wilkinson Junk TV

2008 henchman
Film (Feature) brighton-wok
Gabriel Howard Convict films

2007 Lamb
Theatre The Hot house
Anthony Lally Brighton little Theatre

2007 Dr Bruce Flaherty
Theatre blue/orange
Tony Edwards Brighton little Theatre

2006 Phil Hopley
Theatre Up n Under
Judy Bellingham Brighton little Theatre
Minack Theatre